Septic Solutions® is proud to bring to you the new Ultra-Air™ Model 735! The most advanced alternative replacement shaft aerator available on the market today! This new unit has many improved designed features over our previous model and other models available on the market today. All of the components of this product are manufactured right here in the U.S.A.!

The Ultra-Air™ Model 735 motor is designed to give you years of trouble free service. Our durable 1/4 HP, 1725 RPM hollow shafted motor will run smoothly and generate approximately 2.0 cfm of airflow to make your aerobic system work properly. The motor will operate in your system at around 3.5 amps, but has a FLA (full load amp) rating of 4.6 amps. This means the motor will only be working at approximately 75% of its full capacity ensuring a long motor life.

The unique motor shield attached to the top of the motor will cover and protect the motor from any moisture and debris. The built-in handle makes the unit easy to install and remove from the tank. At the top of our motor shield is the air intake for the motor. This air intake allows the motor to draw clean air from outside of the tank down through the handle all the way down through the aspirator tip at the bottom of the shaft and diffuse it into the tank. An O-ring seals the motor shield to the motor ensuring a sealed path for the air to flow through as it travels through the aerator unit.

Our newly designed brackets will provide you with a solid foundation as well as a tight fit inside the riser eliminating the ability for the motor to move back and forth. This will help your motor run more efficiently and last much longer. The brackets are also equipped with rubber feet to prevent vibration noise. The brackets are available in two options: The RED brackets measure 12'' across the top and are designed for a 10'' diamter opening. These brackets are compatible with the Jet Aeration systems. The BLUE brackets measure 14'' across the top and are designed for a 12'' diameter opening. These brackets are compatible with the Norweco Singulair systems.

The stainless steel 5/8'' hollow shaft now has a pressed on brass coupling making for a more balanced fit when attaching to the motor. The shaft is also threaded counterclockwise on the end where the aspirator will simply screw onto it. Since the motor spins counterclockwise you can be assured that the threaded aspirator will always stay tight.

The suds restrictor on the shaft has been enlarged to better protect the motor from the harsh environment inside the tank. This round disc prevents water from splashing or sudsing up towards the motor.

We are most excited about our newly designed Aerodynamic Aspirator. This design will greatly reduce much of the normal drag created when the Aspirator is spinning inside the tank. Our testing shows that the aerodynamic benefit includes reducing the amperage draw of the motor by up to .75 of an amp from 4.25 amps down to 3.5 amps. The importance of this would be that the motor would be operating at less than full capacity meaning it should last longer and use less electricity.